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Welcome to Campbase.com, your source for campground information.  Our goal is to visit every campground in America.  We "check out" the facilities and local areas then document that information for you.  We visit National Parks, State Parks, City Parks, Private Parks, and Public Parks.  If there is camping at the location, we document it here.  This web site is designed for "Camping on the Go".  Its designed for use through your Iphone, Ipad or PC.  Campbase documents RV sites, Tent sites, Cabin camping, and extended stay campgrounds. Please visit our advertisers on the right side of each page. It's how we pay for campground research.

Campbase.com – Always Evolving
Campbase.com, will be evolving rapidly over the coming months. New functionality and features will be added frequently, so visit often. If you would like to receive our news letter then click on the Subscriber News Letter located on our home page and our Contact page.

Campbase.com – Our Story
We camp extensively and found it difficult to locate detailed campground information while on the road.  As a result, we created this web site that will allow everyone to take advantage of our efforts to provide detailed campground information.  Each campground is documented with text, pictures, maps and local recreation.

Remember while using this documentation that it is almost impossible to completely and accurately document every element of a campground.  In wilderness areas, address information may be unavailable or inaccurate.  Be careful when using this navigation information with your GPS system.  It may take you out of your way.  We work to be as accurate as possible.

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