Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Location: Panther Junction Park Headquarters, Big Bend National Park, Texas, 79834
Lat/Long: 29.328185 / -103.206072
Phone No: (432) 477-2251 RES: 877-444-6777
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Amenities Onsite: Full hookups at Rio Grand Village | Rio Grand Village store | Fuel$ | Propane$ | Ice$ | Dump station | Visitors center | Laundry | ATM | River access |  
Amenities Nearby : No services within 10 miles |  
Recreation Onsite: Road touring | Biking | Fishing | Hiking | Horsebacking | Wildlife viewing | Photography | Guided river trips | Star gazing |  
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Texas, Big Bend National Park(BBNP).  The nearest freeway to the national park is Interstate-10 located 100 miles north of the entrance on Highway-385.  BBNP is an extremely remote park.  100 miles into the park plus an additional 50 miles to the closest Campground.  Make sure your vehicle is in perfect operation before entering this area.  Also, gas stations in the area are far and few in between.  Make sure you have sufficient fuel when entering this remote area. 
Several Texas highways lead to Big Bend National Park: If traveling south from Alpine, TX, follow TX 118 through Study Butte, TX where the highway enters the park through Maverick Entrance Station. Park headquarters is 23 miles from this west entrance.
If traveling from the west, follow Texas FM 170 from Presidio, TX to Study Butte, TX, then turn right on TX 118 to enter the park through the west entrance.
If traveling from the east, take US 385 south from Marathon, TX which enters the park through the north entrance at Persimmon Gap. Persimmon Gap is 26 miles from park headquarters.
Please note:  the Campbase map location is at the Panther Junction Visitors Center.  The park address used here is the location of the parks headquarters and visitors center. 


Big Bend National Park is open all year with a variety of campgrounds available.  In the Rio Grand Village along the banks of the Rio Grand River you will find group, tent and RV full hookup camping in three individual campgrounds.  The Rio Grand Village RV Campground is the only "full hookup" campground in the entire park.  All other campgrounds are dry camping.  At the Rio Grand Village you will also find the Rio Grand Campground and Rio Grand Group Campground.  All three campgrounds have extremely limited access to the Rio Grand River.  Limited access is primarily due to thick reeds growning along the banks.  The river is only accessible at a few points.  A dump station, fuel, propane, market, ice, restroom, showers, and ATM machine are all located in Rio Grand Village.  

Approximately 50 miles from the Rio Grand Village and centrally located in the park is the Chisos Basin camping area.  Large RV's are not allowed at the Chisos Basin Campground.  RV's over 24 feet and trailers over 20 feet are not allowed in the small camp spots.  In addition, the road leading to Chisos Basin is narrow and winding.  It's not well suited for larger vehicles.  The same applies to the Chisos Basin Group Campground being located near in the same area.  There is a visitors center, camp store and mountain lodge available in the Chisos Basin area. 

On the west side of the park along the Rio Grand River is the Castolon Visitors Center and Cottonwood Campground.  Cottonwood Campground is open all year with just 24 RV or tent camp spots.  Camping is primitive in this area.  A group camping site is also available in the Cottonwood Campground area. 

Primitive and roadside camping is also located in different areas in the park.  Please see our Primitive Roadside Camping link for additional information.  Permits are required for primitive camping, check with the visitors center. 

A limited amount of services and private campgrounds can be found to the West of the park on Highway-118 in the small town of Terlingua.  Fuel, banks, hotels, RV parks, and restaurants are located there.  Terlingua is the closest town to the park where services are available.

The Rio Grand River runs along the southern edge of the park.  The river is designated a Wild and Scenic river for 196 miles along part of the parks southern boundary.  Swimming in the Rio Grand River is not recommended due to submerged snags, strong currents, dropp-offs and limited exit and entry points.  Should the fast current sweep you down river there are limited places to exit the water due to tall reeds.  Do not swim or wade in the river.  There are no river equipment rentals in the park.  

The parks busiest times are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  This is a desert area and summer temperatures tend to be extreme.  The best time to visit the park is fall, winter, or spring. 

Be bear and mountain lion aware when visiting this park.  Please secure all food.  

Pets are prohibited on trails and in the back country. 

For additional campground details, pictures, and rates, please click on the campground links in the table below. 

Big Bend National Park Campgrounds
Rio Grand Village RV Campground All year $36+ 25 Full hookups Camp store, Restroom, Showers, Laundry, Big-rigs to 40ft.  Register at camp store.
Rio Grand Village Campground  All year $14 100 Dry camping Camp store, Restrooms, Drinking water
Rio Grand Village Group Campground All year $29 5 Dry camping Camp store, Restrooms, Drinking water, River access, Tent only
Chisos Basin Campground All year $14 60 Dry camping RV's under 24ft, Trailers under 20ft.  Group site also available
Cottonwood Campground All year $14 24 Dry camping Primitive campground, vault toilets. Located along the Rio Grand River.  Cottonwood Group Campground is also available. 
Primitive Backcountry Camping  All year $12   Dry camping Most roadside camping is inaccessible to RV's larger than 30ft.  Camping areas are: Croton Springs, Grapevine hill, Hannold Draw, K-Bar, Nine Point Draw, Paint Gap. 








Reservations available at or by calling 1-877-444-6777

No cell service available in most areas of the park.  Free WiFi is available at the Rio Grand Village store.


Other Near By Campgrounds

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