Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Location: 601 Nevada Way, Boulder City, Nevada, 89005
Lat/Long: 36.009815 / -114.796876
Phone No: (702) 293-8990
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Nevada, Lake Mead National Recreation Area


There are nine main access points to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which includes two lakes and more than 1.5 million acres of land.  From the small town of Boulder City, take Highway 93 toward Hoover Dam.  After 4 miles, look for Lakeshore Drive on the left side of the highway.  Lakeshore Drive leads to the entrance and pay station.  The information center is on the right side just after you turn onto Lakeshore Drive. 

The Lake Mead Visitor Center, also called the Alan Bible Visitor Center, is located off of U.S. 93, four miles southeast of Boulder City.  Please see the Campbase map provided here for the location of the visitors center.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area is situated in a desert environment with most campgrounds and RV parks being located on the banks of Lake Mead or the Colorado River.  There are approximately 16 campgrounds in the recreation area that are open year around.  The Boulder Beach campgrounds have the easiest and quickest access from Las Vegas and are usually the most crowded due to their location.  Temple Bar and Echo Bay are typically less crowded campgrounds and located further away.  The best seasons to camp at Lake Mead are during the fall, winter or spring.  Summer temperatures soar into the 100's so, if you plan to camp during these months, it's best to pick a campground with shade trees or electricity to power your air conditioner.  The best Campground with excellent shade trees is Boulder Beach Campground.  Other campgrounds that have good shaded camp sites are Temple Bar Campground and Las Vegas Bay Campground.

The recreation area has several marinas.  Most marinas have one dry Campground and one RV campground located nearby.  Due to low lake levels, many marina buildings are no longer located on the water.  Most paved launch ramps no longer reach the water.  None of the recreation areas campgrounds are located on the water and only a few have a water view.  

There is an entrance fee into the national park of $20 per week.  However, the only open entrance pay station was located in Boulder Beach.  All campgrounds in the park are first-come, first-served.  Reservations are not available at campgrounds.  However, reservationas are available at the RV parks.  Please see the "comments" in the table below for reservable RV parks.  Dry campgrounds are $20 per night.  Full hookups are $30 to $45 per night depending on location.  Group sites are $60 per night.  Reservations are required for group sites.  Please call tel:(702) 293-8906 to book during regular business hours.

A good first stop when visiting the recreation area is the Alan Bible Visitors Center.  It's located at the intersection of the Great Basin Highway(93) and Lakeshore Road at Boulder Beach. 

Note: The RV maximum size provided here is a Campbase estimate based on viewing the campground.  Remember, every campsite varies in size and there may only be one campsite available of that size. 

Campground Name #of Sites Daily Fee Season RV Max Size Comments
Boulder Beach Campground 146 tent/RV $20 All 50+- Excellent shaded spots, Lake view, (702) 293-8990
Boulder Beach Group Campground 5 group tent $60 All 20+- (702) 293-8906
Lake Mead RV Village Boulder Beach 115 RV $30-$45 All 45+- Lake view, Big Rigs OK, Reservable, (702) 293-2540
Las Vegas Bay Campground 86 tent/RV $20 All 35+- Shaded spots, (702) 293-8990
Callville Bay Campground 81 tent/RV $20 All 30+- (702) 293-8990
Trailer and RV Village Callville Bay 5 RV $23 All 40+- Reservable, (702) 565-8958
Echo Bay Campground Upper 138 tent/RV $20 All 25 to 30ft (702) 293-8990
Echo Bay Campground Lower tent/RV $20 All 30Ft (702) 293-8990
Echo Bay RV Park 55 RV $28-30 All 45ft+- Reservable, (702) 394-4000
Temple Bar Campground 153 tent/RV $20 All 35ft+- Shaded spots, Lake view, (702) 293-8990
Temple Bar RV Resort 10 RV $25-30 All 40Ft+- Reservable, (928) 767-3211
Willow Beach RV/Campground 9 tent, 28 RV $20-35 All 45ft+- Reservable, (928) 767-4747
Cottonwood Cove Campground 145 tent/RV $20 All   (702) 293-8990
Cottonwood Cove RV Campground 72 RV $32-45 All   Reservable, (877) 386-4383
Katherines Landing Campground 157 Tent/RV $20 All   (702) 293-8990
Lake Mohave RV Park 24 RV $30 All   Reservable, (928) 754-3245


Local Recreation:

There are so many things to do in Lake Mead's National Recreation Area it's actually to much to mention here.  But a few fun things are:

Hoover Dam.  There is a Dam tour and an information center for visitors with some souvenirs to purchase.  While at the Dam make sure you also stop at the Mike O'Callaghan and Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.  It's free and you can actually walk out on the bridge.  Campbase has a short video of the bridge, click here.

Bike ride or hike the paved River Mountains Loop Trail.  It's a circular 35 mile trail that loops through the recreation area passing through Boulder Beach.  It's a good one, make sure you bring the bike.  It's accessible from the Boulder Beach Campground or the Alan Bible Visitors Center.  

Most marinas in the recreation area on Lake Mead have boat rentals.  Fishing boats and jet skis are usually available.  Fishing boats rent for approximately $40 per hour and are a great way to get out onto the lake.  

There is casino gaming near the recreation area in Boulder City and Las Vegas.  Closer to the park is the Hoover Dam Lodge and Casino.  It's located just a mile outside the Boulder Beach entrance.  The casino also has a helicopter landing pad with tours of the Grand Canyon available.  

The Mike O'Callaghan and Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is located at Hoover Dam. It's a new bridge where pedestrians can walk out on the bridge for great views of Hoover Dam.  Best of all it's free.  There is a long set of stairs up to the bridge that may be strenuous for some.  Please see our PHOTOS tab for pictures. 

Common Phone Numbers:

Forever Resorts' Black Canyon/Willow Beach River Adventures. Information, please call (800) 455-3490 or (702) 294-1414.


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