Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Location: 47050 Generals Highway, Three Rivers, California, 93271
Lat/Long: 36.4904333 / -118.8248693
Phone No: (559) 565-3341
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Amenities Onsite: Shuttle bus service | Restaurants | Market | Dump station | Post office | No RV hookup sites in the entire park |
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Recreation Onsite: Hiking trails | Water falls | Bird watching |
Recreation Nearby: Grant Tree | Sherman Tree | Crystal Cave | Road touring | Hume Lake | Drive through tree | Kings Canyon Scenic Byway |


California, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
There are two main highways entering the park.  Highway 180 and Highway 198. Both highways connect and are known as the Generals Highway inside the park.  Highway 180 enters the park from the Fresno area while Highway 198 enters the park from the southwest via Three Rivers.  RV's larger than 22 feet should not enter the park on Highway 198 via Three Rivers.  The southwest entrance(highway 198) is winding and narrow, being constructed for vehicles of the 1920's.  Highway 180 is the best route for large RV's.  There are numerous pull-outs for slower vehicles.  The road can be rough in spots. There are no roads that cross the mountains west-to-east through the park.  Additional road information is available by calling (559) 565-3341
From Fresno
On highway 99 take highway 180 eastbound out of Fresno.  Highway 180 leads into the park entrance.
From the Southwest
On highway 99 take highway 198 east toward Visalia.  Stay on highway 198 through Visalia and continue several miles up into the park entrance.  There is a vehicle size limit of 22 feet starting at Potwisha Campground.  Larger vehicles may NOT travel up this section of highway into the park.  Larger vehicles must enter the park from the Fresno area.  This restriction is primarily due to narrow, steep, and winding roads. 


Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are open all year.  The parks have a combined 24 campgrounds including group campgrounds.  This is a park general information page.  For detailed information on each campground click on a link below or search the Campbase homepage using the campground name.

Campgrounds in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
Campground Open Dates Fees Sites Features Comments              
Potwisha Open all year $22 40 RV, Tent Dump station, Reservable 
Buckeye Flats May-Sep $22 28 Tent only Reservable at
South Fork Open all year $12 10 Tent only  
Atwell Mill 5/21-10/14 $12 21 Tent only  
Cold Springs 5/30-10/14 $12 40 Tent only  
Lodgepole 4/16-10-20 $22 205 RV, Tent Dump, showers, laundry, Reservable 
Dorst 6/18-9/2 $22 210 RV, Tent, Group FCFS, DUMP, Reservable
Cove Group By reservation $35 1 Group only Large single group site, Reservable
Fir Group By reservation $35 1 Group only Large singl group site.  Reservable
Stony Creek Call $24 49 RV, Tent,  559-338-2251, Reservable
Azalea Open all year $18 110 RV, Tent Near Grant Village
Crystal Springs 5/21-9/2 $18 50 RV, Tent  
Sunset 5/21-9/2 $18 157 Tent only Near Grant Village
Sentinel 6/18-9/1 $18 83 RV, Tent  
Sheep Creek 5/21-10/13 $18 111 RV, Tent  
Canyon View 5/21-9/28 $35 12 Group only, No RV or trailer allowed
Moraine 5/21-9/1 $18 120 RV, Tent  
HUME LAKE AREA          
Princess Open 5/23 $24 88 RV, Tent Reservable, Dump station
Hume Lake Call $24 74 RV, Tent Reservable
Tenmile Call $20 13 RV, Tent No drinking water
Landslide Call $20 9 RV, Tent  
Convict Flat 5/1-11/1 Free 6 RV, Tent  
Aspen Hollow Group Call $35 1 Tent only Near Hume Lake, Reservable
OTHER AREAS          
Horse Camp Call Free 5 RV, Tent No water
Big Meadow  Call Free 45 RV, Tent No water




























The parks cover a large geographic area therefore, a pull car is a must for those traveling in an RV.  The roads are not well suited for large RVs and on some portions the maximum length allowed is 22 feet.  In the Lodgepole area the free bus service is excellent however, it's not going to take you to all destinations in the park.

Only Potwisha and Azalea campgrounds are open all year.

Dump stations are located at Potwisha, Lodgepole, Princess, and Dorst Creek campgrounds. 

The park is black bear habitat.  Bear boxes are provided in every campground in the park.  All food must be stored in these boxes unless it's kept out of sight in an RV.  Food may not be left out at any time.  Additional bear rules and information can be found at the restrooms.  Do not feed the bears at any time.

Take your time while driving on the parks roads.  The roads are winding and driving fast may make your occupants car sick.  In addition, there are steep drops off the road at many locations.  Passing other vehicles can be just plain dangerous.  The roads were built around the turn of the last century and were designed for vehicles of that era. 

Giant Sequoia trees in the park can reach 300 feet tall and are really the main attraction for the park.  One of the most interesting places to view giant trees is Grants Grove.  There is a walking path that runs through the grove. 

Bike Riding opportunities in the park are limited to the campgrounds except for the most experienced riders.  Highway 198 and 180 can be dangerous with fast moving vehicles and blind corners.  The eight mile road to Crystal Cave is the one exception.  It's a bueatiful ride and it has limited vehicle use.  Unfortunately, to access this road it's best to drive your private car to the start of this highway.  RVs not allowed on the cave road.

Lodgepole Campground seemed to have the most accommodations for tenters and RVers.  There is a market, showers, laundry, dump station, Information Center, and shuttle bus just to name a few.  There is also Wuksachi Village a short two miles from Lodgepole by shuttle that has a lodge, restaurant, and free WiFi.

Azalea Campground at Grant Grove Village is another convenient location to stay for tenters and RVers.  There is a market, restaurant, and information center.  However, there is no bus service, no dump station, and no laundry.  The cell service in this area is excellent and there is free WiFi at Grant Village.

There are three gas stations in the park.  Kings Canyon Lodge, Hume Lake, and Stony Creek Village.  Diesel is available at the last two.  Campbase recommends filling your vehicles fuel tank before entering the National Park.

For things to do, make sure you visit the General Grant Tree and walk the short path around the forest there.  It's a plesent place to spend some time and there are some interesting stories there.  See the photos tab and look for Grant Grove.  It's only about half a mile from Grant Grove Lodge and Azalia Campground.

Click here to get the parks online newspaper.  It's essential for every visit.

Other Near By Campgrounds

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